Kathy Griffin says Johnny Depp ‘looks like Donald Trump with a ponytail’

kathy griffin johnny depp donald trmp
Photo via Ethan Miller/Kevin Dietsch

In case you needed any more hot takes, Kathy Griffin has you covered as she weighs in on the all-encompassing Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial.

Speaking on the verdict on Just Ask The Question with Brian Karem, the controversy magnet Griffin has unloaded on Depp, describing him as looking like Donald Trump “with a ponytail”. During the radio show, Griffin doubled down on her support for Heard.

Griffin started off by saying she was friends with Heard, and “completely” believes her. Griffin referenced the many women who have reportedly alleged that Depp has been a culprit of misconduct. She also stated that many women now have the fear of being “Hearded” when coming out to report abuse.

But she peaked with her beautifully grotesque description of Depp while calling out Depp’s stans.

“I love these Johnny Depp fans […] that are talking about this trial, but refuse to show pictures of what he looks like now, which is a big fat orange bloated ooze bag, he looks like Donald Trump with a ponytail.”

She didn’t stop with the Trump comparison, heaping further unsightly comparisons such as that Depp talks like “Kanye when Kanye had his jaw wired” and has a “fake accent like when Madonna turned British”.

The social media side of the trial was been described as a “bloodbath”, but Griffin stressed she doesn’t think this will end the #MeToo movement. She was very scathing of how “pathetic” “Depp’s digital warriors” were during the trial, and was also critical of how “MeToo” activists didn’t stand up for Heard.

The entire saga has at least left the courtroom after the verdict was finally delivered. But the long-term effects of the trial remain to be seen, as the court of public opinion will continue to debate the outcome for months down the line.