‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ shoots into a new streaming home

Image via SONY

There have been plenty of Spider-Man movies over the last two decades but one of the most underrated is The Amazing Spider-Man. Now, fans can relive this story or check the film out for the first time on its new streaming home Netflix.

As Marvel fans will know, The Amazing Spider-Man was the very first time that Andrew Garfield donned the role as the web-slinger which he would go on to reprise in a sequel and then again most recently in the epic Spider-Man: No Way Home.

At the time of its release, The Amazing Spider-Man was a big change from the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy both in tone and story bringing new characters from Marvel comics to the big screen for the first time — along with some favorites making their return with a new cast.

Ultimately the sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn’t received as well as the first which led to Sony deciding the abandon future plans for the series. After Marvel and Sony collaborated to revive Spider-Man years later, Garfield would return to the role of Spider-Man through the multiverse, and this might not be all.

The success of No Way Home and Garfield’s performance which garnered a ton of praise from fans had led to the community demanding we finally get another sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

While nothing of the sort has been confirmed as of yet, Marvel has shown recently that they’re open to giving fans what they want so perhaps it could come to be a reality in the future. In the meantime, check out where it all began by watching The Amazing Spider-Man on Netflix now.