Watch: Gina Carano’s ‘Terror on the Prairie’ gets full trailer

Controversy magnet and outspoken right-winger Gina Carano has had the first full trailer for her new Western film Terror on the Prairie.

The upcoming flick is from notorious right-wing news site The Daily Wire, best known for giving a platform to climate change denialists and COVID-19 conspiracy theories, we’re all glad to know they’re in the moviemaking industry now. Westerns have been often the pinnacle for conservative Hollywood actors, with John Wayne and Clint Eastwood the very faces of the genre.

The plot description is as basic as you’d expect, with Carano offering protection against some outlaws. Cancel culture never rests.

“On the Montana plains, a frontier woman must protect herself against a ruthless gang of outlaws hell-bent on revenge.”

Carano must be missing the Western vibes of The Mandalorian, as Terror on the Prairie looks like any given Cara Dune episode of the series, just set on Earth instead of space. The film stars an assortment of Carano’s peers, with many fellow conservatives and conspiracy theorists in major roles for what is very clearly a Carano vehicle to get back into the limelight.

The Daily Wire’s other films since becoming a studio have included the “hit” films My Son Hunter, about Joe Biden’s son (and definitely isn’t lawsuit bait), and a documentary titled What is a Woman which features almost entirely men discussing women, and Fauci Unmasked. Get the kids around the television, they’re all perfect for babysitting.

The reviews for The Daily Wire’s films have mostly been negative, with one of their recent releases, Run Hide Fight, scoring an impressively low 13 on Metacritic.

Directed by Mark Polish, the film will be an exclusive on The Daily Wire’s streaming service and is set to debut June 14.