Xochitl Gomez says America Chavez will find a family in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

doctor strange 2
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

A lot of the hype for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revolves around its many returning characters, from Scarlet Witch to Professor X, but fans shouldn’t overlook how the sequel introduces an exciting new heroine into the MCU as well. Xochitl Gomez is making her Marvel debut in the movie as America Chavez aka Miss America, someone who will likely have a big impact on the franchise going forward.

And this first appearance will apparently see her putting down some roots in the MCU. While speaking to ComicBook.com at the Doctor Strange 2 premiere, Gomez teased a little about what we can expect from America in the film, recapping her unique skill-set and also hinting that she’ll find herself a family among Doctor Strange and his friends.

“She is so cool. She’s so strong and powerful,” the actress said. “She can kick and punch star-shaped portals that allow her to travel between universes, and she’s got some trust issues. But within this movie, you get to see her let go of that, start to grow a family a little.”

Just as in the comics, America won’t hail from the prime Marvel universe and instead journeys there using one of her portals. But it sounds like she’ll settle down on Earth-616 by the end of Doctor Strange 2 after embarking on an adventure across reality with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange, Benedict Wong’s Wong, and Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff.

Surprisingly for a sarcastic loner like him, Strange has developed a habit of taking teen heroes under his wing (or cloak), what with Peter Parker and now America. Stephen’s dynamic with Miss Chavez will be much different from his generally friendly bond with Spidey, though, as director Sam Raimi has previously hinted that Strange will be peeved by how America knows more about the multiverse than he does.

Team Strange may just be the first family America Chavez makes in the MCU as we’d expect her to join the Young Avengers before long. See her make her big entrance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, hitting theaters this Friday.