Seth MacFarlane teases ‘Ted’ TV series details

Image via Universal Pictures

While Seth MacFarlane is an extremely busy man, most recently working on his sci-fi dramedy Orville, he still plans to revisit one of his most prolific film franchises Ted.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MacFarlane revealed he is hard at work on a the show that will be released through the Peacock streaming service, with the creator offering an idea of what the end product will look like.

Ted, which is taking up a lot of my time right now, is a prequel, taking place in 1993. It centers around the period pretty shortly after Ted became kind of washed up, and he’s now living outside Boston with John and his family, and he’s forced to kind of make his way through high school. 

So it’s a piece of Ted’s life in between what you saw in the opening titles of the movie and in the opening montage, and where we find him with Mark Wahlberg that’s a part of that story we haven’t told yet. It turns out that it’s a pretty ripe area to draw from. Whether people still have an appetite for Ted remains to be seen. It’s a very specific kind of comedy, but we are allowing it to be what it is.”

The first Ted movie launched in 2012, and was a fresh comedy hit that inspired a sequel. The second installment that arrived three years later wasn’t anywhere near as well-received, but still provided more of the crude humor fans had loved the first time around.

It’s likely that stuffed bear enthusiasts will get more of this style with the upcoming Peacock continuation, even if MacFarlane is so far the only cast member from the feature films to have committed, although the main cast has already been set in place.