Sony celebrates 20 years since ‘Spider-Man’ with a shameless plug

Image via Sony Pictures

It was 20 years ago today that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man hit theaters, showing that comic book movies can be both critically-respectable and insanely profitable. And while fans have been celebrating the anniversary, Sony Pictures – Spidey’s home studio – has been going all out to commemorate the event by… tweeting a link to an outdated Blu Ray sales page on their website.

Spider-Man starred Tobey Maguire as college student Peter Parker, relatable in how in-over-his-head he was pursuing a romance with Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane Watson, a career with his best friend’s dad’s company Oscorp, and his hobby fighting crime, and evil supergenius Harry Osborn.

Buoyed by a supporting cast that included Dunst, James Franco, and the great Willem Defoe, Raimi managed to balance the needs of telling a story that grounded superheroic antics with a story and characters that remained recognizably human. The return at the box office launched a new multibillion-dollar genre that shows no signs of losing popularity with audiences worldwide.

And don’t think Sony Pictures is taking this for granted. They are, but they don’t want you to think it. Today, Sony’s official Twitter account posted up a link to a minute-long greatest-hits trailer and a sales page, with links to where you can stream or buy (from Amazon or Wal-Mart) the blu-rays of eight of the nine Spider-Man movies currently available on home video.

While one can buy the original trilogy from Sony from their site, or even the Andrew Garfield duology, they don’t seemingly want fans to know where they can purchase Spider-Man: No Way Home, which ties in all three live-action Webhead film series.

The website also features a 30-minute featurette, also available on the Blu-ray they don’t have a sales link for, as well as a link, at the top of the page, to the minute-long trailer in their tweet.