Britney Spears’ fiance Sam Asghari bravely admits his friends are himbos

sam asghari britney spears himbo
Photo by Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images

Sam Asghari has given one of the greatest examples ever of positive masculinity, as he’s lovingly referred to his friends as himbos. Wait, this isn’t lovingly at all!

The fiancé of Britney Spears (recently released from conservatorship) has not held back when describing his friends. Either lovingly or sinisterly, he’s outwardly said they’re “good looking” and “attractive people” but have no personality. Our apologies to all his himbo friends.

Speaking to GQ, he did not hold back and thoroughly believes that looks have led to most people being successful. It’s a surprising bit of self-awareness considering celebrities generally try and portray themselves.

“Sometimes when you’re fit and good looking people don’t really, you don’t need any other quality. And some of my friends are so good looking and attractive to people, but they don’t have personalities.

“And I see why because they never needed it. But when I wasn’t, as an immigrant, as a Middle Eastern, and I was overweight for a long time.”

Asghari himself is as chiseled as a god (210 pounds down from 300), and genuinely looks like the Chad meme, so he’s well and truly got the authority to talk about himbology. The discoveries will now need to be made about who exactly these attractive but personality void people Asghari is friends with. We can only hope they can’t read what he’s said about them.

The recent boom in himbos should come as a welcome surprise, but no doubt tied into the resurgence of chads, gigachads, sigma males, and whatever new term zoomers come up with.